The Greater Sacramento Muslim Cemetery (GSMC) is a “Not for Profit” Organization. It is governed by certain rules and regulations set forth by the County, IRS, and Insurance providers. Listed below are regulations that GSMC has to follow and expects cooperation from the community members and service providers in order to operate in compliance with the agencies listed above.


  1.  The gate(s) to the Cemetery will be open from sunrise to sunset ONLY.  No one is allowed on the Cemetery premises during the dark hours.

         Specific timings will be as follows:

        Spring and Summer -   8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

         Fall and Winter          -  8:00 A.M.  to 5:00/6:00 P.M.

  1.  Contacts for burial at the cemetery are as follows:
      1. Dr. Syed Khasimuddin             (916) 209-6801
      2. Dr. Sajjad Jan Mohammed      (916) 342-3408
      3. Dr. Najme Minhaj                    (916) 766-0047

Calls will be answered ONLY between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M.

Service providers such as “Funeral Director(s)”, body transporting persons/agencies can bring in bodies ONLY during the set timings OR during day light hours.   When bodies are brought in to the Cemetery there should be all the relevant information about the deceased together with the body.

Suggested timings are for the operation of the Cemetery.  Community members will always be allowed to “store” a body  in the cooler (if they so wish) for extended periods of time – no restrictions.

To maintain safe and sound service to our Muslim Community GSMC expects that these rules will be followed by all concerned.