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Grave-site Reservation Policy

GREATER SACRAMENTO MUSLIM CEMETERY (Grave-site Reservation Policy) The Greater Sacramento Muslim Cemetery (GSMC) allows burial plot (grave) reservations under the following guidelines:


  1. Only residents of the greater Sacramento area can reserve grave-sites. Residents outside the area, however, shall not be denied burial at GSMC, regardless of where they reside; under GSMC regulations.
  2. Grave-sites shall be reserved without a specific location. Location shall be determined at the time the reserved site is used, based on a sequential order.
  3. No more than two (2) un-used grave-sites can be held by any one family. Family is defined as husband/wife, children, and parents (if living with their children).
  4. A registered Islamic organization, Masjid, or a registered Muslim organization within the greater Sacramento area can also reserve grave-sites up to a total of five (5) un-used at any given time.
  5. Payment for the reservation of grave-sites needs to be made at the time of reservation request, with a reservation request form duly completed. No deferred payments are allowed.
  6. A ‘Certificate’ shall be issued at the time of reservation and this ‘Certificate’ needs to be presented at the burial time.
  7. Single persons (men/women) can also reserve grave-sites (single) under the above conditions.
  8. Reservation cost of each plot shall be $750.
  9. Reservations can be suspended by GSMC Board for administrative purposes.

Price for grave-site plots may vary with time. Reservation of grave-site(s) ONLY entitles the party to use the grave-site for burial. No re-sale or use against GSMC regulations is allowed.
Grave-site reservation does NOT imply Ownership of that plot. Additionally, unless reserved by an organization, reserved plots are non-transferable and can only be used by the person it was originally reserved for.

Grave-Site Reservation Form