In The Name of God Almighty, The Beneficent, The Merciful

                         GSMC Headstone Order Process

Effective January 1, 2024, the GSMC will provide and install gravesite headstones for all gravesites in order to ensure that they confirm to GSMC’s guidelines, and also create uniformity with in the cemetery landscape. The process will be as follows:

1- All families will need to fill out the Headstone Application form as part of the burial services package and submit to the cemetery manager.

2- Cost of Headstone production and installation is included in the total cost for burial serivces.

3- The applicant will need to submit the application with the appropriate informaiton within 30 days from the date of burial.

4- All headstones will be a standard size of 12x24x3 inches and in black granite with white lettering.

5- The headstone shall include name of the deceased, date of birth and death, and plot number in English.

6- Optional Text includes:

  • · Name of the deceased in non-English language
  • · Personal Message and/or Phrase that can be in English or non-English

7- Quranic Verses (Ayyah) or Quranic Dua/Prayer/Supplication are sacred and will not allowed to be part of the personal phrase.

8- All Headstones applications will need to be approved by the Cemetery Manager.

9- No Headstones prepared or manufactured by any other means will be allowed to be installed in the Cemetery.

10- Any non-English statements will need to be approved by the cemetery manager.

11- Due to the process of producing headstones in batches, the cemetery will have a lead time that can be 6-9 months

For all further inquiries, please contact the Cemetery Office: (916) 505-1681 or