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GSMC Headstone Guidelines Sections A-F

Following are guidelines for the grave site headstone. All Headstones shall need approval of the GSMC Manager prior to installation.


  1. The headstone shall include at the minimum name of the deceased, date of death, and plot number in English.  The headstone may include date of birth.
  2. Quranic Verses (Ayyah) or Quranic Dua/Prayer/Supplication are sacred and should not be stepped over accidentally; therefore, are not allowed on the headstone.
  3. Additional inscriptions and/or designs can be added with prior approval by the GSMC management.


  1. All headstones will be mounted in a concrete frame installed by the GSMC. No headstones will be installed without a concrete frame.
  2. Headstone will have to be delivered by the manufacturer and/or the family of the deceased. However the headstone will be installed only by the GSMC staff.
  3. Grave size headstone: Exactly 12x24 inches.
  4. Headstone material can be granite, marble or bronze.

GSMC reserves the right to remove any headstones that do not comply with the above Guidelines.

For all further inquiries contact the Cemetery Office: (916)-505-1681 or

The undersigned, family member representing the deceased, hereby agree to abide by the rules and guidelines listed above and shall hold GSMC, its employees and sub-contractors harmless for any actions taken to rectify such violations.