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GSMC Flower and Decoration Guidelines

Following are guidelines for flower decorations and/or other decorations around the grave site.

  1. No solar lights or any forms of illumination, flags, wind chimes, or decorations are permitted at the grave sites. The cemetery staff will remove these on a weekly basis.
  2. Fresh and/or plastic flowers are to be placed in the vase portion of the headstone frame. Flowers that are withrered will be removed on a weekly basis. The cemetery is not responsible to water the flowers or refill the vases.
  3. No glass, pottery, metal containers, potted plants allowed on the grass part of grave sites.
  4. Baskets or Easels containing flowers which are a part of the floral offerings at time of internment will be left for two weeks and removed after this period.
  5. No planting of any trees on or around the grave sites are permitted. If families want to plant trees, they are encouraged to discuss this with the GSMC management and receive approval as to the location and type of tree and/or planting.

    GSMC reserves the right to remove any flowers and objects that do not comply with the above Guidelines.
    For all further inquiries contact the Cemetery Office: (916)-505-1681 or
    The undersigned, family member representing the deceased, hereby agree to abide by the rules and guidelines listed above and shall hold GSMC, its employees and sub-contractors harmless for any actions taken to rectify such violations.