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Currently, there are no COVID related restrictions while attending janazah. However, face masks and social distancing within confined indoor space and spreading out outside is recommended. There are no restrictions on numbers of people who can attend a janazah.

Handling of the body when someone has passed due to COVID-19

First this requirement pertains to those whose death occurred as a result of Covid-19.  This is not for those who test positive when admitted to the hospital, irrespective of why they are being admitted. This is the norm for all patients who are admitted.

We still follow the earlier recommendations of CDC and Sacramento County that the body is to be sealed in body bag by the funeral homes, taken to their coolers and then transported to GSMC for direct and immediate burial.

We have also relaxed the restrictions that namaz-e-janazah can now be offered at the gravesite prior to actual burial. Previously it was being performed after the actual burial.

Since All Season’s Burial and Cremation Services” – owned by Mike Lofton - is still the only funeral home approved for Covid 19 cases, here are some recent modifications:

Families now have the option to have ghusal performed at that facilities, where they have installed rapid air suction devices as well as put in place protective gear for those who participate at the ghusal to wear. Mike charges $350 for use of his facilities. They use services of Br. Saiffuddin to do the actual ghusals, for which families need to pay additional $200 to Br. Saifuddin.  We haven’t had a case of ladies janazah with similar Covid 19 death and so do not know if our ladies feel comfortable to do ghusal at Mike’s facilities.

We are still providing sanitizers and Victor is routinely cleaning with Clorox after every janazah - especially after Covid-19 case.