Landscape Maintenance and Burial Assistant

Full time, 40 hours per week. Salary range: $37,000 - $40,000 (Depending upon

Job description:
We are seeking a highly motivated individual for the role of the Landscape Maintenance and Burial 
Assistant. The role of this individual will be to ensure that our landscape is maintained, our 
grounds and facilities are clean, well maintained and stocked with supplies, and to support the 
burials under supervision of the Cemetery Manager.
This position would be best suited for someone who possess reliability, professionalism, an 
honorable work-ethic, and someone who is handy with yard work and general construction environment.

•  Mow and maintain cemetery lawns.
•  Repair landscape system as needed.
•  Keep the grounds clean regularly.
•  Learn how to operate light equipment.
•  Learn how to open and close graves.
•  Clean the bathrooms of the cemetery and make sure all needed items are well stocked.
•  Clean the prayer Halls and gathering areas.
•  Assist managerial staff during burial events.
•  Be motivated to acquire as much knowledge as possible of various aspects related to the 
•  Small painting projects – as needed.

•  Past maintenance and/or landscaping experience (preferred)
•  Ability to operate light equipment.
•  Ability to lift items around 50 lbs.
•  Dependability and Honesty.

For further information, please contact Salem Ammar (Cemetery Manager) at or by phone at 916-533-1389.