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Based on the provisions in the By-Laws of the GSMC, burial will not be denied to any Muslim based on ethnicity, “madhab”, national origin, geographic location or any other discriminating factors.

Burial, and all rituals associated with burial will be strictly in accordance with “shari’ah” and in compliance with the Laws of the State of California and the County of Sacramento. 


The process for burial at GSMC has two (2) parts. Part I is handled by a licensed ”Funeral Home” to provide services as required by Law- specifically acquiring “Burial Permit” - without which it is unlawful to bury the deceased. Part II has to do with procedures at GSMC.

Part I:

  • Upon deciding to bury the deceased at GSMC, the family of the deceased shall contact the Management by calling the phone number included in the “Contact Us” section of this website. Management shall explain the entire process to the representative of the deceased.
  • After GSMC staff contacts the Funeral Director and authorizes them to take necessary actions required to procure Burial Permit, the family of the deceased is advised to contact the Funeral Home directly to complete the necessary paperwork and pay the required fee. The fee charged by the Funeral Home is in-addition to the Burial charges at GSMC. Funeral Home that is recommended by GSMC is “All Seasons Burial and Cremation Services”. Mike Lofton is the director and he can be reached at 916-564-0400 (Office). Unless absolutely necessary, please avoid calling his home phone number. Please note that Family of the deceased can choose any Funeral Home with which they are comfortable with. However, keep in mind that the procedures are identical at all funeral homes.
  • The family representing the deceased shall complete the paperwork necessary at the office of the Funeral Home and provide information on “Vital Statics” form.
  • Based on the above information, the Director’s office arranges for the “Death Certificate” signed by the doctor who was responsible for the treatment of the deceased.
  • The next step for the Funeral Home is to obtain “Burial Permit” from the County’s Office, which is subsequently faxed to GSMC office. Burial at GSMC cannot take place without a Burial Permit.
  • The Funeral Home will discuss the cost for their services rendered with the family. Currently, the standard cost for their services/paperwork is $895.00. Additional fees may be incurred if the family plans to bury the deceased on a week-end, which requires payment of overtime and miscellaneous charges to the County Office. 
  • Transportation charges are additional and vary according to the location of the deceased. The family of the deceased may be able to provide transportation on their own, which is entirely between Funeral Home and the family. GSMC has no involvement in that arrangement.
  • GSMC premises (located at 6330 Eagles Nest Road) has three (3) cold storage units to store the deceased body - if needed. Funeral Home also has storage at their own premises.  

Part II

  • After the family of the deceased contacts GSMC and are directed to complete the necessary paperwork with the Funeral Home of their choice, the family is required to visit the cemetery’s office and provide information of the deceased and the responsible person(s) information for our records.
  • The cleaning of the body (Ghusl) and Janaza prayer routine are discussed. Family of the deceased could arrange for their own members to wash the body or request volunteers already registered with GSMC. There are fees associated with services rendered and are listed in “Burial Cost” section below. GSMC may also require IDs or proof of relationship with the decease. 
  • If family requests GSMC to handle the ghusl, it shall be arranged.
  • Family of the deceased is free to nominate their own Imam or Sheikh to perform the Janaza prayer or one shall be provided. Normally Imam Qasmi from the V Street Mosque or Imam of the masjid the family frequents.
  • Imam Qasmi has presided over the Janaza for about two decades and the untiring service to the community has been exemplary and may Allah (swt) give him good health and enable the Imam to continue his service to the community.


  • The family responsible for the disposition of the deceased shall be responsible for the cost of burial expenses incurred during Phase II of the burial process. Some of the charges are listed below and GSMC reserves the right to include additional expenses that it may incur under certain circumstances. The total shown below is an estimate as charges will be finalized during the meeting to discuss required procedures .

   Grave/ Plot                 $750.00 (for Greater Sacramento area residents – which includes Sacramento, Yolo,
                                                                           South Placer Counties & City of El Dorado Hills))

                                        $3,000.00 ((for out of area residents)

       Opening/Closing (Grave):                         $1,000
       Ghusl Service/facility use:                       $500
       Total:                                                            $2,250.00 (local)    OR
                                                                             $4500.00 (for out of area)

        For Children 0-5: $600 Flat Fee (Greater Sacramento area) $1,200 (out of area)

  •  Generally, ghusl is performed at the cemetery between 10:00 am – 11:00 am.
  • Janaza prayer is normally after Dhur prayer and is performed at the cemetery musalah. Under special circumstances, Ghusl can be performed at another location. However, $300 in GSMC facility overhead costs will still be due.
  • Burial is not permitted after 6:00 pm and no more than two (2) janaza/burials are performed on any given day.
  • Storage of the deceased in the cemetery cold storage is permitted and may incur additional cost.
  • Family of the deceased is responsible to inform attendees to refrain from interfering with the burial procedures which is supervised by the cemetery staff with guidance and assistance of the Imam. 
  • The family of the deceased is given copies of the record with grave #, receipt and a copy of Rules and Regulations of GSMC. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations could result in management taking action to rectify the violations.
  •  Once the burial process is completed, the family members and the attendees are required to clean up after them and leave the cemetery in clean and tidy condition.

     Note: Burial can take place ONLY after the receipt of “Burial Permit”. It is the State Law.