Sacramento Muslim Cemetery

Physical Location: 6330 Eagles Nest Road, Sacramento CA 95830

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1584, Sacramento, CA 95812-1584

For all correspondence with SMCemetery, please use mailing address only.

Immediate Contacts for funeral arrangements:

Br. Essop Khan (Trustee GSMCemetery): 916-925-2662

Br. Imam Mumtaz Qasmi (Imam of Muslim Mosque, 411 V Street, Sac., CA

916-443-5167; 916-214-5167

Br. KHASlMUDDIN (Trustee SMCemetery)

SMemetery "in the area" counties for preferential rates:

Sacramento, Yolo, Sout..h Placer, Solano, and E1 Dorado

Other information about SMC:

SMemetery is a "not for profit" corporation. It has a seven-member board oftrustees representing the entire Muslim community in the greater Sacramento area, and an executive committee consisting of the President, Coordinator, and Treasurer ofthe.

The celnetery construction was funded by the local Muslim comunity ofthe greater Sacramento area. The SMemetery, therefore, offers two tier burial site cost for "in the area" and "out of area" burial requests.

For more detailed information about the cemetery, please request a copy ofthe by-Laws and Operational Manual by calling Br. KHASIMUDDIN. Chairman SMemetery.